The name of the company itself ‘Absoluta Sound and Space’ is meant to express the company’s philosophy. Absoluta represents the result of a quest to create units that express beauty and style both when they play music ‘Sound’ and when they are simply displayed on a rack ‘Space’. With this unique approach Absoluta’s founders wanted to create a new approach to listening, not only with one’s ears but with one’s eyes as well. They wanted to transform the listening experience into a total experience, that involves all the senses.
In order to achieve this ambitious goal a team of architects, engineers and technicians has put an extensive amount of time and investments into research and development. A country like Italy, which is synonymous with, and famous for design and style has offered a fertile turf. Generations of outstanding craftsmen have made our country famous worldwide for their unique creative abilities. Absoluta’s products want to be an homage to this most valued tradition and be among the outstanding representatives of ‘made in Italy’ in the world.
Nothing is left to chance or treated as less important. Every single detail is thought through and carried through with these basic principles in mind: quality, performance, design, beauty. The remote control, that complements our units, is a perfect example of this philosophy. Carved out of one single piece of solid wood by numerically controlled milling of last generation able to stroke with millimetric precision. The housing of the control buttons is shaped to the tenth of a millimeter. The buttons themselves are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and hand polished by the skilled hands of Tuscan craftsmen in the same area of Tuscany famous for its work for world renowned designers and stylists. The painting and polishing of the remote are performed using the best polyester lacquering techniques used in the polishing of pianos.
This approach is very unusual in the hi fi world and has often raised the eyebrows of people who think that the design of our products is not matched by an equal quality in the electronics. Our goal since our company has reached the market place has been that of dismissing this claim with success. The same principles of quality, performance and design have been applied to our electronics. Nothing has been left to chance down to the smallest detail and when one opens one of our units one understands the amount of work that has been invested in the choice of top quality components, in the design of the circuits and in the assembly of the units. And for those who are still doubtful our suggestion is ‘come to listen and to see’!


In the last two decades have been partly achieved dramatic progress in technology for music reproduction and storage. It is the digital revolution fortschreitetet unabated, the customer wakes new demands. Complete operation from your chair, the highest compatibility with all kinds of music sources and playback devices, etc.. Meeting these demands requires very complex technology - and this almost always at the expense of sound quality. The vast majority of approaches could not solve this problem, unfortunately, really. Crimson Products Ltd. has succeeded with its 30 years of experience to find a way to avoid not only sound but allows losses on the contrary, Aural enormous improvements.



Wie alles begann …

Bei einer AES-Konferenz (Audio Engineering Society – Berufsverband für Toningenieure)1973 legte Dr. Matti Otala  ein Papier vor, in dem er akustische Verzerrungen beschrieb, die er Transient Intermodulation (TIM) nannte. An dieser Konferenz nahm auch Svein Erik Børja teil, ein norwegischer Studio- und Radioproduzent sowie begeisterter Anhänger der HiFi-Technik.

Diese Audio-Entwickler von damals, unter Leitung von Terje Sandstrom, betrachten wir als die ersten der ‘TIM-freien’ Schule.
Das Ergebnis dieser Arbeit gipfelte in der Markteinführung unseres ersten Transistor-Verstärkers mit 2 x 25 Watt, dem “2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier.” Anerkennung fand der Verstärker dann im Jahre 1976, als die amerikanische ‘Audiobibel’, die Zeitschrift „The Audio Critic“, das Gerät testete und kundgab:
“Audiofanatiker aufgepasst! Dies ist der klanglich beste Verstärker der Welt.”

Die Vision, die uns vor über 35 Jahren angespornt hat, ist immer noch präsent.

In den letzten zwei Jahrzehnten wurden teils einschneidende Fortschritte in der Technologie zur Musik-Reproduktion und -Speicherung erzielt. Gerade die digitale Revolution die unvermindert fortschreitetet, weckt beim Kunden neue Begehrlichkeiten. Komplette Bedienbarkeit vom Sessel aus, höchstmögliche Kompatibilität zu allen denkbaren Musikquellen und Wiedergabegeräten etc.. Die Erfüllung dieser Ansprüche erfordert sehr komplexe Technik - und dies praktisch immer zu Lasten der Tonqualität. Die allermeisten Lösungsansätze konnten diese Problem leider nicht wirklich lösen. Crimson Products Ltd. ist es mit seiner 30-jährigen Erfahrung gelungen einen Weg zu finden der nicht nur Klangverluste vermeidet sondern im Gegenteil noch enorme Klangliche Verbesserungen ermöglicht.

Um den Anforderungen des europäischen Marktes besser Gerecht werden zu können ist Electrocompaniet A.S. mit einer eigenen Tochtergesellschaft in Deutschland vertreten, der Electrocompaniet Europe GmbH. Dies hat es uns ermöglicht in Deutschland unter anderem 5 Referenzhändler zu etablieren, bei denen der interessierte Kunde alle unsere Produkte aus Prelude- und Classic-Line in der ständigen Vorführung findet.Von Deutschland aus werden auch alle Händler und Distributoren im EU-Raum zuverlässig und schnell beliefert.

GamuT International

It's about the music
We are in the business of providing musical revelations to discriminating connoisseurs. There are no shortcuts to reach the goals we set, so yes - our solutions are in the very expensive category. Likewise - our solutions are not all friendly to the living room and they do tend to use a little more power than the energy consultants would like them to. However, we honestly think that the sacrifices made to bring you our musical revelations are very, very worth it. And we're confident that you'll see what we mean, as soon as you hear it.

Dedication is not enough
Most good hi-fi products are created by spirited men with dedication and passion for music. That's not a bad platform, but taking things from good to great requires more than just that. At GamuT we work on the boundaries of today's technology and lead the way in both acoustics and psychoacoustics research. The scientific approach is not speedy and sexy, but it works for the musical experience in a way that most people appreciate instinctively when they listen to music reproduced on our equipment.

A quest for improvements
There are no end stations or world champions in high fidelity. All products can be developed to sound and perform better tomorrow than they did yesterday. As all enthusiasts know, the quest for improvement is a life long journey that is fuelled by the love of music. We are happy and enthusiastic travellers on this journey, and when you decide on becoming a GamuT owner, you have chosen to travel with real explorers and frontrunners - not with the crowd.


Gryphon Audio Design ist die Verwirklichung eines Lebenstraums, den sich Flemming E. Rasmussen mit der Gründung seiner kleinen, feinen Klangschmiede im Jahre 1985 erfüllte: Die Wiederentstehung leibhaftig erlebter Musik in den eigenen vier Wänden.

Die Audio-Experten von Gryphon Audio Designs sind erklärte Anhänger eines schnörkellosen minimalistischen Ansatzes, der auf Ton- und Balance-Kontrolle und Anschlussmöglichkeiten von Kopfhören oder anderem Equipment bewusst verzichtet, um das Eingangssignal zu erhalten.

Jedes Gryphon-Produkt ist so konzipiert, dass das Eingangssignal 1:1 durch das Gerät geleitet wird – ohne jegliche Verfälschung. Die Qualität des eingehenden Signals soll der einzige Faktor sein, der die endgültige Klangqualität bestimmt. Diese Philosophie zieht nach sich, dass schlechte Aufnahmen als das offenbar werden, was sie sind, während gute nahezu unvorstellbar reproduziert werden.


At PLINIUS our reputation has been built on music first and foremost.
With music as the goal, PLINIUS components transcend technical excellence to become masters of presentation. From a lightness of touch in the high frequencies to tuneful, tight and profound bass, we deliver the spine-tingling realism and emotional engagement that will bring you back to your music collection time after time.

Located in the inspirational natural environment of New Zealand, PLINIUS has designed wonderful sound since 1980.


Symphonic Line High End-Manufaktur, gegründet 1984 von High End-Pionier Rolf Gemein.
Wir stellen feinste HiFi-Komponenten in Handarbeit mit besten Bauteilen und großartiger Klangfülle her.
Viele Komponenten sind beliebte Arbeitsgeräte von HiFi-Redaktionen und Entwicklern.
Alle Geräte können nach Jahrzehnten modifiziert und einem Update unterzogen werden.
Mein Hauptziel: höchster Klanggenuss und Freude mit Symphonic Line - bei Ihnen zuhause.
Rolf Gemein.


The best relationships in the world work in true harmony, true balance and of course - true love.

These relationships apply to all aspects of our daily lives and help us to be the very best that we can be - in all that we do.

The stronger the relationship, the more exceptional and rewarding the results. Without a doubt I am very proud to say that Vitus Audio is a fine example of this philosophy.

In essence, at Vitus Audio we are a family of incredibly talented individuals and passionate music lovers, who share the same common goal - to bring you closer to your music.

Our products form a tightly knit collection of specialist Hi-Fi components designed for your living space, which include: Integrated Amplifiers, Linestages, Phonostages, Power Amplifiers and Cd-players. Each will bring you closer to your music and give you a lifetime of listening pleassure.